Infuse Your Life With Health, Wellness + Self-Care 
What Are Your Personal Goals + Desires?  You Have 3 Options To Get Started:
Note:  If one of my team members referred you be sure to contact them and use their unique enrollment links.  If you found this page through me directly or on your own you can use the buttons below.   

You desire to dive deeper into your own personal health, wellness + self-care but aren't interested in building a business - Become a Preferred Customer, setting up an account is FREE and you will always save 10% on any products you order. No Starter Pack or Minimum Order Required, Shop as you wish.

You desire to rock your personal health, wellness + self-care consistently and you would love cover the expense of your own personal products but aren't interested in building a business per se. - Become a Referral Associate Partner for only $29.95 and save 20% on all of your product orders when you take advantage of our customizable and complimentary monthly auto-order service that will deliver your products with ease to your door, eliminating the time and expense of errands around town or the risk of running out of the products you love and use regularly. Absolutely No obligation, you can turn your auto-order on and off as you wish.  Your earning potential is based on your referrals. If you do maintain a Personal Auto-Order of 100 Points or more you are commission eligible. No Starter Pack Required.  No monthly auto-order or minimum order is required.

Choose the BDS option in your language + any products you desire. (Once you accumulate 100 points your Referral Business will be activated. Anytime you choose to maintain a Personal Auto-order of 100 points, you will be commission eligible.)  

You have BIG DESIRES and are ready to Redefine Your Income Earning Potential by infusing your life and business with Health, Wellness + Self-Care - Become a Business Building Associate by choosing a Custom Starter Pack of 500 Points or more (see below).
Choose the BDS (Business Development System) in your language.  Order your Custom Starter Pack that adds up to 500 points (i.e. The Healthy Lifestyle Pack).  
Be sure you also set up a Monthly auto-order of either 100 or 200 points (200 doubles your earning potential). This auto-order is so important. Not only does it keep you commission eligible, you will become a product of the product and the healthiest and happiest person you know!
As soon as your enrollment is complete you’ll get immediate access to the USANA training program.  Within 24 hrs you will be connected to our tribe and online community.  Within 48 hrs, we will set up your first live training call in which we will discuss your desires, your goals and co-create an action plan for designing your business building rituals! 

I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

A Generous Compensation Plan

Let’s talk fun stuff: MONEY! Watch the video below to get more information on our generous compensation plan.

Envision Your Potential - Download the Average Earnings Sheet - CLICK HERE
Kate Northrup Talks USANA

Watch this brief video of one of my business partners and team members (Kate Northrup) sharing a little bit more about our company, products, and this beautiful business opportunity.

The Supplements That Will Rock Your World 

Groundbreaking cell signaling technology harnesses your own cellular wisdom which is 100 times more powerful. 

If you want in depth information on all of our ingredients and formulations, check out our Product Information Booklet: CLICK HERE.
Wellness on The Go! 

Delicious, balanced shakes and bars so that no matter how busy you are, you never have to compromise your health!

If you want in depth information on all of our ingredients and formulations, check out our Product Information Booklet: CLICK HERE.
Customizing A Starter Pack
We make it really easy to get started. If you are interested in building a business with unlimited earning potential, all you need to do is put together an order of 500 points of your favorite products! Remember, when you order your Custom Starter Pack you’ll also get:

 - Passes to USANA’s award-winning training events
 - A year of online business services to support you in growing your business
 - Instant access to our teams training tools including the Freedom Family Online Community
 - Your own personal USANA website

Here are some tools to help you choose your Custom Starter Pack:

A flier that explains more about your Custom Starter Pack and what you get with it: CLICK HERE

Preferred Customer Catalog to help you pick products: CLICK HERE

USANA Product and Price List so you can see how many points each product is worth: CLICK HERE

*Note: USANA is open for business in 19 countries worldwide. Pricing and product availability varies depending on the country you’re operating in. You can view a full list of countries we’re open for business in HERE. To get more information on which products are available in your country, email me at [email protected]

I look forward to this journey of health, wellness and self-care with you!
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